One Step Closer!!!

Hey Readers!!

I had a very odd day today. Mixed emotions at work: frustrated, annoyed, exhausted, happy, confused, angry, upset, frustrated, relieved. All I wanted to do was just go for a run. I’m sad I missed out on scrabble night tonight but I am so proud of myself for coming home after work, making a healthy veggie mix for dinner, doing some chores, then running. What makes me so proud and excited?! I just ran a full 3 kilometers nonstop!!! I did not walk one bit. Granted my run is really a jog as I’ve seen some serious runners out there and I am nowhere near the pace they run at. Nevertheless, I am stoked!! I did not think I could hit the 3 km for at least another 2 or 3 weeks! I am sooooo happy!!

All that other stuff does not phase me one bit right now. Although I am quite sad that no one else has sponsored me and that was slightly demotivating today as well. However, I reminded myself of all those great individuals who have sponsored me so far and that I would keep training for them!

I am running for a cause.
I am running for the cure.

I am raising money to help fund breast cancer research.
Please, donate and help find a cure for our breasts.
Make a donation here.

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2 thoughts on “One Step Closer!!!

  1. Jodi

    Way to go Diana! I know how hard it is to stay motivated but I also know that you are amazing and can do anything you set you mind to. (I’ve seen it happen!) Miss you much.

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