If you are just joining my blog, please donate to help find a cure for breast cancer and sponsor me to Run for the Cure.

Today I would like to share with you the joy in my heart that I have reached my halfway point to raising my target amount for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I would not have been able to hit this goal without all of you and your support. My dear friends, thank you. No matter what your donation, every sponsor that I have received I am grateful for. And for that, after coming home from work and seeing this achievement, I had to dedicate a run to those individuals who have sponsored me to help me reach this target. So, I got home, changed, and even though it was already spitting rain outside, I got out there and ran. This run in the rain was for you!

With a vacation coming up this Saturday, I must hit my goal and run three times before Friday.
Had I not received those donations, I may not have gone for a run with the weather being gloomy and rainy, the fact that it’s a Monday, and I would have kept making up excuses without any accountability. Now that I have a sense of duty to you, I will not let you down.

Thank you for supporting me and pushing me. I look forward to keeping my promise to you all and running this 5k non stop.


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