Today I really thought I was going to go for a run. I had my mind set and my running clothes ready. Instead I let someone else get the best of me through a phone call. I was angry and upset because of the way this person treats me. I know I cannot change how others are so I normally do not let anyone get to my emotions other than those close to me. Of course this was someone close. By the time I had settled down and looked at the time, it was too late to go for a run alone, as it would be too dark. I was quite disappointed that I let myself down on this run and worse, I let someone else get me down.

My supporting man then told me,

Don’t let it bring you down. …. don’t let anyone get in the way of your commitments. And I mean anyone.

He is right, no one should get in the way of my goals to losing weight, getting healthier, and running this 5k charity run!

I hopped on my bike and biked!! Burned some calories and got a good sweat out. It’s not the same as running but it is a substitute and any activity is better than none!

Thanks babe for all of your support!

Readers, please help in supporting me by donating anything you can to the Run for the Cure, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Honestly, it brings me joy to see even a dollar donation in my honour! Your support will help me reach my goal and help find a cure!

Thanks for reading!

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