Up and Down

Today’s final weigh in with my work’s biggest loser went quite well for me. I was down another 0.7 lbs from last week’s weigh in, which isn’t much since my weight fluctuates so much but it’s better than gaining! This puts me down 6.7 lbs since the first weigh in 8 weeks ago. The competition at work is now over and I am not the biggest loser. I felt like a winner thoug because I have not weighed in at that lower amount in over 6 months! I still have a long journey to go before hitting my ideal healthy weight and with weight taking so long to shed for me, this gets very tough sometimes. However, I am very proud of my fellow coworkers and friends for losing over 100 lbs as a team in the last few weeks! We are all on our way to a healthier lifestyle!!

I just pigged out and had all you can eat sushi while catching up with an old friend. It was delicious but I ate so much I feel my stomach expanding again!! Another down, the workload at work is piling up and I feel the stress starting to build as deadlines are approaching and projects have not been completed to my satisfaction…I’m also pretty bummed out I’ve been reaching out this week and haven’t seen many donations come in yet. Just a dollar or five will honestly make such a huge difference to only know, someone out there is supporting me on this journey and helping to find a cure for breast cancer.

So today was filled with some ups and downs but I look forward to the better weather tomorrow so I can go for another run. (It was raining quite heavily here earlier this evening). It will definitely be hard but I am actually excited to get out there and lose myself in the run; forgetting about all else in the world and just train so I will not let my sponsors down.

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