Tuesday Run, June 5

Dear Readers,

I’d like to clarify my last post; I will be taking my own money to buy the iPod Nano if my Run for the Cure account is able to raise $150. I will NOT be using the money that you have generously donated to charity for my own gains. Instead, I am using your support to help me push myself to a better lifestyle and to succeed on this run. So please, support the research for a cure.

Anyways, I have just arrived home from another run. Two nights in a row, wohoo! Again, the first km was very tough to get through but I ran the first km before I slowed down and walked. Tonight I finished 3 km with about 25% walking; I skimmed a few minutes off of my average time. I was really hoping that tonight I could push to 3.5 – 4 km but it seems I may need to take a break tomorrow. My ankle was feeling a bit off during the last bit of the run today so tomorrow will be a rest day.

Tonight one of my gfs and I made some delicious low-fat yogurt fruit cups (with granola on the side) and gluten-free chocolate covered “cookie dough” balls. The cookie dough is in quotations because we don’t actually use cookie dough! We use a chickpeas recipe that creates the illusion that you’re eating cookie dough. Here’s the pictures of our delicious desserts to be shared at our office tomorrow.


Thanks for reading!
Don’t forget to sponsor me or make a general donation @ Run for the Cure!

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